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Calgary Flames vs LA Kings 3.21.2011

What a great game! Total goaltender match! Kipper from the Flames was the 3rd Star of the Game while Quick from the Kings was the 1st Star of the Game. It was a really competitive and tight game. The only bad thing as a fan was seeing Justin Williams leave with what seemed to be […]

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Anaheim Ducks vs LA Kings 3.19.2011

It was a great game on Saturday night between the Ducks and the Kings. A good gritty game that went to overtime. There was a couple unfortunate calls that were made and that were not made in the game. Which is a shame. Because, there should be a better system in place to be able […]

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St. Louis Blues vs LA Kings 3.17.2011

Well, that was a disappointing game! The Kings came out and played one of their worst games. Jon Quick actually played great for the first 38 minutes of the game. At that point I think the Kings only had 6 shots on net against the Blues. If I was Quick I would have had a […]

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DPI vs PPI and Digital Imaging

I am looking around a few message boards with photographers and there is a lot of ignorance going around between people in regards to what DPI, PPI, and how digital imaging works. Allow me to clear a few things up. DPI vs PPI DPI = DOTS PER INCH. This term is not proper when you […]

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New Face! Brandon =)

My friend Brandon Rubin =) He is as sweet he looks until you sit him down in front of the TV while the Lakers are losing…whoa…take cover. Flying remotes ahoy! haha More faces coming! Trevor Martin and a bunch of friends new and old this week!

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Automatic Love Letter and A Cursive Memory in Los Angeles

The second date of the ALL & ACM tour I ended up at was in Los Angeles.  The hometown show!  Well, LA is home to Jacob and a lot of the guys in the two bands at least. The crowd really did not hide that fact.  It was everything the San Diego show should have […]

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Automatic Love Letter in SD

The main reason to go to San Diego was to visit Jacob on his first tour stop near our home in LA. I got there a little early and spent some time hanging out with Jacob, the band he was touring with, Automatic Love Letter, and their supporting band, A Cursive Memory. (fuck yeah, dig […]

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A Cursive Memory in SD

Jacob Fatoorechi was recently on tour playing guitar in Automatic Love Letter.  I went and met up with him to hang out in San Diego and Los Angeles.  A Cursive Memory was the supporting band opening the whole tour. The show at Soma was a fun time to hang out with all the people on […]

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