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The New Version of A.Refuge is Live!

The new version is finally here. It took almost four years and I went through hell to make it happen but, it was all worth it.

You can now submit your own articles to the site and play an integral part of A.Refuge’s focus.

The idea is for you to cover the people that inspire you. I want to know what you are passionate about. Team up with a friend to take photos or provide the words if you can’t do it all. Explain what is inspiring about your local artist/friend. Then, go a little further and pick their brain about how they got to where they are and how they plan to get to the next level as an artist and as a business person.

The goal is to inspire and educate other people.

But, not every article that is submitted gets published. It needs to be the best of the best. The community votes on the pending articles and an editor has the final say about whether or not it meets the guidelines. You can read those here:

What’s in it for you for helping?

To begin with A.Refuge will reward you for getting published by helping you dig up contact information for people you want a photoshoot or interview with. A.Refuge eventually vouch for you and even arrange it for you.

If you get published the most times in a quarter/semester A.Refuge will interview you and publish an article about you.

Furthermore, if you are the most published contributor A.Refuge will also do a story about your school, it’s writing/photography/illustration program, and you current or favorite teacher.

Once ads are up on the site and revenue is coming in A.Refuge will compensate you for not only any new articles that are published but all your previously published articles.

If you happen to be a musician, visual artist, fashion designer, or entertainer of any kind please ask your fans to write articles about you, your work, and your shows. This will help generate loads of interest for you because each fan that submits to the site will be asking their friends to read the article and vote for it to be published. That’s a lot of facebook likes/links and tweets going out to lots of potential new fans.

If you have any suggestions let me know! Thanks!