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The Dear Hunter – In Studio Making The Yellow EP

Here is some more teaser footage. This time shot in Casey’s home studio in Southern California. For this EP a great group of musicians in a band, called Naive Thieves, joined in.

You can check out Naive Thieves here:

Remember to purchase The Dear Hunter’s “The Color Spectrum” =)

The Dear Hunter – Making of The Orange EP

Here is a teaser video of some travel footage and in studio footage from the documentary I filmed of The Dear Hunter making “The Color Spectrum” project.

Remember to purchase The Dear Hunter’s “The Color Spectrum.” It’s out now! =)

Casey Crescenzo presents Colors.

My good friend, Casey, has a band called The Dear Hunter. It is his musical play made up of six acts. Each album he puts out is an act. So far he has released three wonderful acts.

As a means of a break from that project he is producing something entirely new called Colors. It is a highly ambitious exploration into different musical genres that inspires him. Each color represents a different genre. Nine colors, nine EPs total.

I was lucky enough to be asked to travel with him while he played shows for fans on his way to the studios where he recorded three of the nine EPs.

While I’ve been back home trying to figure what is going on with me I have started to teach myself Adobe Premiere and editing some footage we shot.

Check it out. I have a book coming next week and I’ll give this another go. =)

Casey Crescenzo in Tahoe State Park (Rough Edit) from gary livingston on Vimeo.

Please learn more about his Colors project and keep up with him. He’s so incredibly talented and an amazing person and friend. He needs your help spreading his music and building fans.