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My First Photoshoot For DrumSmack! : Marvin “Smitty” Smith

Smitty Smith

Marvin “Smitty” Smith ©2015 Gary Livingston

I probably won’t write much in the following posts regarding DrumSmack! but, since it is the first one I want to share a little bit about what I encountered.

I had the double pleasure of experiencing what an amazing show DrumSmack! is in addition to getting to meet/photograph the great “Smitty” Smith on March 4. First, the entire staff of DrumSmack! are very fun, positive, and loving people. I really didn’t know what to expect once I was at the studio. In the past when I have been on sets it’s been a super anxious, strict, closed off vibe. Everyone involved is open, eager to listen and share, and excited about the show and everyone around them.

That sort of mentality is present in the format of the show. It is really focused on getting the most out of their guests in order to help give the listeners/viewers the ability to grow and learn. It isn’t a boring, shallow, just scraping the surface show. There is a rich assortment of wisdom offered up. It spans from the professional to the personal to the creative nature of being an artist.

Smitty Smith

Marvin “Smitty” Smith ©2015 Gary Livingston

This is where the second big perk showed itself. Marvin “Smitty” Smith is a very incredible person. His stories and jubilation in his every word was a bit shocking. I didn’t go into this expecting to get so much out of it. Especially, since this was all focused on drummers. But, each of his tales had very clear messages and lessons to take away from them that could easily be applied to any craft, business, or passion a person may have. The man was very humble and oozed professionalism. I found myself thinking many times about an assortment of my own experiences and those of others in random unrelated industries. If you watch his episode you’ll see him discuss knowing his role in the Tonight Show Band and his joy in supporting Kevin Eubanks. He sounds like a world class hockey player in the olympics, happy to be relegated to the fourth line instead of the usual first line they would be on if the entire team wasn’t made up of all-stars, prideful and willing to do anything to help the team win. Anyhow, it was a real treat.

I’m really excited to be around Murph, Jeff, and Brad more as I help capture their many amazing guests.

Dustin Brown of the LA Kings !

I did a photo shoot for magazine today. It is the same publication I cover all the LA Kings games for. In essence I am always doing a photo shoot for them if you count those. But, today was a little different. I got to take portraits today!

The main assignments was to photograph Dustin and Nicole Brown with their family. They have three incredible boys. Only two of them were a part of the shoot because the youngest was in serious nap mode and not to be disturbed. The two that were a part of the activities were some of the coolest kids I have been around.

Honestly, if I had a guarantee that every family was as fun and easy to work with as the Browns I would be shooting family portraiture for a living.

I don’t have any of those photos to share right now. I still need to work on them and get them off to my awesome editors. In the meantime I do have a solo portrait of Dustin to share.

He was kind enough to fulfill my request to do this just as he was leaving. It was literally a five minute shoot including setup and light testing. I honestly wish there was more time so I could have lit him properly and designed an actual lighting pattern on his face. Despite that one element missing I am still really excited to show this image.

Hopefully, you dig it too!

Thanks to Paul Mocey-Hanton for assisting me and helping the shoot go smoothly, thanks to Dennis, Anthony, and David at The Fourth Period for making this happen, thanks to Dustin and Nicole and the rest of the Brown family for being amazing to photograph!

Now, go check out the magazine! I have nine photos in the current issue! <3

New Faces: Merrie, Jason, Casey

Merrie Swain is awesome! She saw my photos and wanted to be a part of my Faces project. She’s does some modeling and works over at G4 TV. She was a blast to photograph and talk to. Cool ass nerd =)

My brother, Jason with his awe inspiring beard. Holy shit. Casey’s below is longer I think but, Jason’s is just burly as can be. He’s currently working for AEG Live in New Orleans as a freelance Stage Producer and 3D camera man. Once he gets a reel together I’ll be sure to share. I really just rushed him into my room before he left for four weeks so I could get his beard recorded if he decided to shave while gone. haha.

Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter. In case you somehow missed my admiration for him and his work feel free to search The Dear Hunter on my site. He is currently touring with Dredg (another music group I love) and gearing up to release his Color Spectrum Project (the music is fantastic~!).

New Faces: Sam and Ryan

Just finished up Sam Marie’s Face =)

She is an awesome animator! If you ever need some animation done or if you are looking to add to your team be sure to contact her!

Ami Storck (I’ll get her up soon enough) and Sam are new friends of mine. They both really surprised me with how supportive they are due to their willingness and excitement to come out to my hockey games to cheer and get rowdy after only knowing me for a couple weeks and hanging out maybe twice. Means heaps!

Sam rules and was a blast to take photos of. One day I’ll get some of the more cartoonish faces up. I just really liked this shot so it is the first to make it. =)

Ok. Here is my buddy, Ryan Brekke.

Ryan has been the most interesting shoot yet. Not only was he all over the map with poses but, we got talking and sharing some really random stuff during the shoot.

At one point Ryan mentioned how some of our friends and he were discussing clever and funny porno site names. I mentioned a few funny ones that exist, including

Next thing we know we are loading it up while shooting because Ryan had never seen it before. haha. When I have more time I will add a good one of Ryan showing his face the first time he saw MeatSpin. haha.

Apparently, Ryan was so taken back by the experience he insisted that I always show my subjects MeatSpin at some point during the shoot to capture some really good faces and break the ice. haha. I think he might be onto something!

Once Ryan has a site I’ll throw it up!

New Faces: Bonnie and Jacob

Here are two more friends! I love these people =)

Bonnie Kate Hussey <3

Jacob Fatoorechi (Look him up on my blog! He plays with heaps of bands and he is incredible!)

Goalie Book Project

Matt Hsu

Angelo Arias

I’m shooting photographs for my friend, Matt Hsu, to be used in a book he is creating about goal tending in hockey. It is a beginner guide to all the equipment and proper usage and fit of gear.

I spent most of the day photographing heaps of gear individually on and off of a player. As a bonus I did some quick portraits of Matt and our friend, Angelo Arias suited up fully in their gear.

New Faces: Brad Crowell and Myke Armstrong

I got to shoot with my new friend, Brad, of Dead Letter Perfect, last week.

It was a total blast. Brad is a photographer in addition to being a talented musician. So, it was a really extra fun experience hearing his insight of the photo shoot.

Be sure to pay attention to his blog. He’s currently working on a 3-song EP and it should be great! I heard the demos and the songs have some really great dynamics to them.

Here is one of my BFFs, Myke Armstrong. He is the CEO and Founder of the newly launched internet start-up,

It is a really fun chat platform in the vein of Omeagle and Chatroulette. It is still being built out and there is a new feature added each week! Be sure to join in on the fun and share your thoughts with “Myke.”

He’s a great guy and fun to talk with!

I’m working on some more Faces right now. So, stay tuned.


New Face! Brandon =)

My friend Brandon Rubin =) He is as sweet he looks until you sit him down in front of the TV while the Lakers are losing…whoa…take cover. Flying remotes ahoy! haha

More faces coming! Trevor Martin and a bunch of friends new and old this week!

Faces Faces Faces

I got four more added to the collection.

Alex Vojdani of Infantree.

You really gotta go listen to his band:!/infantree

Paul Mocey-Hanton, photographer and cinematographer extraordinaire. He’s a co-founder of Lost Hills Films: Lost-Hills-Films/

Steve Davis of skate culture company, Ripe (be ready for it).

Here is my brother, Blake, to the Faces project. Played with some modifications to the lighting using kleenex as diffusion.

He’s another co-founder of Lost Hills Films: Lost-Hills-Films/


Gary Livingston ©2011 Gary Livingston

Gary Livingston ©2011 Gary Livingston

It’s been a long time since I’ve shot straight portraits focused on head and shoulders. I liked how this self portrait came out of myself and I have decided to do a little series focused on this.

I’m starting to shoot some friends to refresh my skills.

Jeff Ramuno ©2011 Gary Livingston

Jeff Ramuno ©2011 Gary Livingston

First one is of Jeff Ramuno.

I expect to get a lot more up in the next week as I pull friends away from the coach in the house and put them in front of my lights for a few minutes each. haha.

Be sure to check out his music: