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Ashley Tisdale at The Grove in LA

My best friend Jacob plays with a lot of different bands and musicians.

Most recently, Ashley Tisdale. haha.

I got to hang out with her band and catch the warm up and concert at The Grove. Her band is full of great guys and a cool ass lady. It was awesome.

We had some good catering, hijacked the offices of The Grove, made our own name tags, and got some sun.

It was a really fun show for what it is. A pop show.

I did love the chemistry between her and Jacob. That made the show a blast to watch. haha.

Enjoy the photos.

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After Midnight Project at Key Club

I got to catch up with my pal Jason Evigan and his band After Midnight Project playing a bon voyage show at the Key Club.

They are currently on the Warped Tour and worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun rock show.

Jason has spent a long time trying to find his way with his music and it seems like he finally found it.

The tunes are solid and the live show is great fun. He’s landed a good record deal with a label that seems to be in full support of the band and album, they’re getting some radio play, and playing non stop shows.

It’s exciting to see a lot of hard work and tenacity pay off for him. =) Well, for him and our other friend Charles “Cary” Garwood. Jason has hired him on as their tour manager and it’s equally great to see him along for the ride.

They have a new album coming out in August. Be sure to give it a chance if you’re looking for something check out.

Check them out here: Click

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The Dear Hunter in San Luis Obispo

This show was fantastic. The vibe of the city, the people, the town scenery, and everything else was so much fun.

I drove up from LA and met up with my friends Jeffrey Lynn-Johnston (great musician, look him up) and Zach Wyckoff ( partner). It was their first time seeing the band. They were both excited.

Jeff had to buy a ticket and lucked out finding a kid selling it for under face value (even though there was a substantial line and need for tickets, haha). Shortly after Jeff got his ticket Zach met up with us and after a little delay getting my name +1 on the list we were inside.

The Downtown Brewery was a cool venue. It was really intimate, good sound for its size, and it of course had good beer.

The Dear Hunter played a great show. The whole crowd seemed to enjoy it very much and many were disappointed (yet again) that the band had to stop playing.

It was another night where it seems like the fans waiting for mewithoutYou were caught off guard by the energy and musical craftsmanship The Dear Hunter brings to the stage.

It was good to see the band members mingling with the crowd the rest of the night. It is one of those important traits more bands need to possess. They are all really cool guys to talk to and welcoming of conversations. It really complimented the night.

Casey and I had a good chat too. I know that guy is a friend of mine but, sometimes it takes a little something to realize just how good of a friend. He mentioned something I said to him years and years ago about making music and it caught me off guard he would remember. The dude is solid and I really hope we get to work together in the future and make some creative stuff together.

Honestly, I feel so compelled to do so because the guy inspires me so much. I just want to do what I can to make his art known around the world. I’m sure we can make that happen together.

Zach and Jeff had a blast and were just as bummed to see such a short set from the band. They had a lot of fun after the show partaking in the meet and greet too. haha.

It was a great day. I threw in some pics from around SLO. Enjoy the photos.

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mewithoutYou in SLO

It was pretty much the same thing as Pomona except, the crowd, city, and surroundings seemed to be much more fitting for mewithoutYou.

The crowd was a bit more interactive with the band in SLO and a few even brought their own tambourines to join in with the band during songs.

It was a really cool vibe and another fun show. =)

^_^ enjoy

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The Dear Hunter in Pomona

The show was fabulous. I don’t know what else there is to say. They play amazing music with amazing energy. It’s complex and intricate and emotional music.

They stole the show if you ask me.

I hope they end up on a big tour playing stages that are more well suited for their big sound. With lighting and visuals that can compliment the stories Casey tells.

Be sure to check them out if you get the chance to see them live.

Until then, be sure to buy the first three acts of The Dear Hunter story.

Act III was just released this Tuesday, June 23.

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mewithoutYou at Pomona

mewithoutYou is a pretty intense live show. The singer’s mix of singing, screaming, and spoken word delivery is quite a sight when you see it coming out of a frail man. It is nothing like you would imagine the voice to originate.

Mix that with masterful drumming that leads you on marches through the varied landscapes available to the imagination and you have quite a recipe for excitement.

The only downside to it all is the toll the music and lyrics seem to take in long doses on the mind.

The first thirty minutes are delightful. It is only after that point it feels a bit draining and your attention begins to flounder about, searching the room for a means to take a break from it all.

But, that is the only downside.

The band seem like a group of time travelers that were on vacation with their parents only to get lost in the 1700s for the duration of their childhood and then were catapulted into our present day time.

It is really fun to watch them all on stage and give us all a glimpse at something so different from what one would expect.

They are charming and energetic. Most of all fun.

mewithoutYou is certainly worth checking out. Just be prepared to take a break at the bar or the merch booths to give your brain a quick rest.

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ARTMADA: my music/art/fashion mini festival. Coming up this Saturday.

Artmada is this Saturday, June 20th.

It is my first attempt at organizing the A.Refuge spin off event. It is meant to be a physical and interactive experience of what is.

A great collaboration of artists, fashion designers, musicians, and fans. All looking to help support the other.

This first line up is spectacular and my hat is off to my friends for coming together with such short notice to make this happen.

If you are in the LA/Ventura area please come out. It will be a blast!

Music By

Jason Evigan (of The After Midnight Project)

With Engines

Codi Caraco and Megan Park (of Frank & Derol)

Antidote featuring Jacob Fatoorechi on guitar

River of Suns

Night Horse

Andy Ellsworth


Fashion By

ReRe Clothing


Art From

William Carroll, Ryan Chin, Gary Livingston, Nate Siggard, Shane Hirschman, & Collabo.

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Finch at Troubadour

Simply stated, the show was amazing. Finch is amazing.

The band reunited is as exciting as any other recent reunion (Far and Faith No More for example) and just as missed and welcomed back.

The crowd was singing along to all the songs. The energy exchange between the band and fans was off the charts. The band was super tight and a joy to watch.

You could see they were as excited to be playing in LA again as all the fans were to see them.

They played a good mix of old, really old, and new songs. There was a good feeling of nostalgia with a breeze of fresh air.

On top of being great musicians they are great guys too. It has been a really long time since I have talked to band members and overwhelmed with a warm, welcoming feeling. The guys spent a long time after the show talking to any and everyone that wanted to talk. Distributing hugs and pleasantries. haha.

It was a wonderful show. I can’t wait to see them playing again. Hopefully, they finish up writing the new album soon so none of us have to wait very long. =)

Check Finch out Here

Get their latest EP Here. It is for FREE currently on their site!!!

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311 in Santa Barbara

Well, the Santa Barbara County Bowl stands as one of my favorite venues. If you’re going to see a band at a larger venue this is the one to go to.

You can’t beat the vibe of Santa Barbara and the constant swirl of ocean air engulfing you. It’s a very fitting setting for a 311 show.

311 keeps getting more fun this tour. The band’s spirits are continuously rising and the energy of the crowds keep improving right along with it.

This was the most fun show yet. The set list isn’t changing too much. But, the changes they are making are well received.

It was a blast to have the band come out for their encore and play Omaha Stylee. A great old school song full of energy.

The lighting set up is great. 311 wisely puts a lot of effort into creating a high impact live show. They understand the important role lighting plays in creating such a show.

I’m happy to state that P-nut continued the trend of taking a stand alone solo. He seems to be having more fun with it each night too. On this night he climbed upon a speaker stack to show off his skills. =)

It’s going to be great catching them again in July after they fall into a real groove.

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311 at Bakersfield!

As suspected this show was better than the last. It was pretty amazing actually.

It was the first show since the release of their new album, “Uplifter.”

It sure seems to be living up to the name. The fans are more energetic. The band is more lively and free spirited on stage. Everything seems uplifted for sure.

It’s great seeing 311 change up their live show. They always add new elements to the show in terms of calculated ideas. That’s all well and good. But, like I said in the last entry to this site, it is the little things that matter the most.

The tiny interactions between the band members. The interactions with the fans.

311 seems to be doing more of this on this tour. The guys are joking with each other on stage and look to be having a blast. That energy rubs off on the crowd immensely.

Nick and SA got close to the crowd in the pit and really played off their energy. SA even distributed high fives at two different times through the show. Not at the end. But, in the middle of the set…in the middle of the songs.

If you know 311…this is unusual.

It was really cool seeing how the new songs played to the crowd since the album came out. A lot of people were singing along and a lot of them seem to be picking up on the cues for when to participate with the band.

It really is a great live album. That’s for sure.

Another cool change up in the set was a stand alone P-nut bass solo.

Nick gave the usual “P-nut, beat that thang” introduction. This usually leads into a full song with the whole band but, tonight it started with a spot light on P-nut and him just going crazy on his bass. Lots of plucking, lots of strumming, lots of tapping…the guy probably displayed each technique known to bassists the world over and showed his expertise with each. Eventually, the spot light faded away and it was on to the next song. It was a real treat and threw me for a loop when that was what we got instead of the usual.

I loved it. I hope the band keeps these trends up!

Lighting looked great. The Fox Theater was a bit unusual. Lots of seats. A small 100? person pit.

Over all a good relaxed vibe. Fun place to shoot some photos.

Great concert!!!

Stay tuned for Santa Barbara come Friday/early Saturday. I’ll focus more on miT and SA ;)

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