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RX Bandits in Anaheim

WoW! These are overdue!

RX Bandits headlined the show with dredg. They are taking turns headlining shows this tour. It was appropriate for them to have the Anaheim date, being that they are local.

It was a really good concert. The RX Bandits fans are a great crowd! Even the ones that were not there for dredg were really open to the music and very courteous.

Once RX Bandits came on they knew the drill. Everyone there for the band erupted into dance and jumping around. It felt like an old 311 concert. The vibe was awesome!

RX Bandits are pretty insane musicians. I didn’t realize just how talented the guys are from the CDs. That’s one of the pitfalls of not being a trained musician. Seeing the music played live and watching the movements involved on the instruments really makes it clear the difficulty of some parts.

The only downside to the show was the lack of a lighting technician that understands how to light a band.

The guys are all very energetic. It was a lot of fun for sure. Highly recommended to see!

Be sure to check RX Bandits out! Click

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311 at Irvine

The final show of the tour. It was as good as the last four I saw.

Loads of energy. Nice subtle changes in the drum solo and bass solo. Worth seeing a fifth time =)



The only change for the worst from the other nights was a dude flying out of the mosh pit and into my face. haha.

Other than that, it was just like the last entry. Lots of fun =)

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311 at San Diego

The shows just keep getting better on this tour.

It is pretty much the same as the last three I covered. The addition of the crowd knowing the new songs and singing along and the evolution of Pnut’s bass solo are the key factors that enhanced the whole experience.

Pnut played a sick solo tonight that featured him on a 10 string Warwick bass. It functioned just like a 12 string guitar.

The sounds he made on this thing were astounding. I stood their with my mouth open the entire time. Even while I shot photos. Again, I wished Trevor Martin was there to witness it.

Good thing I made friends with a girl taping it. I’ll get him the video. =)

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Incubus at SB County Bowl

It has been a long time since I have seen Incubus. I really stopped caring due to the live shows lacking the energy they once had.

I went into this tonight not expecting much. I saw they were coming to town and decided to give them a chance due to it being a few years later and, well, I just missed seeing them.

Good or bad, it would still be fun.

I gotta say…I was very impressed and excited by what I got.

The band seems to have finally found their rhythm together with Ben Kenney (the bassist that replaced Dirk Lance). The man seems much more comfortable and natural on stage now.

They all seemed to be having a great time up there. The crowd was super fun. A lot of sing a longs and energy.

It felt like an old school Incubus concert. The set list was very good too.

There was a good mix of material from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and the albums following it. I was so happy to see them play Redefine. =) Ben slapped the shit out of his bass. That was something he didn’t do quite so well the last time I saw them.

Incubus also redid the way they approach acoustic songs. It is a lot more intimate feeling even though a few of the songs include the entire band playing acoustic. It just feels less staged than seeing just Mikey and Brandon play together.

Extra enjoyment came from seeing Brandon play his djembe and didgeridoo. I missed that.

All you old school fans better go check out this tour. It was a treat.

It was a great night =) I made some awesome new friends too. I owe them a print for the beer they got me. ;)

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dredg at HOB Anaheim

Such a great show. They player a wonder set list mixing up songs from El Cielo, Catch Without Arms, and Pariah…

The audience sang along more than I’ve noticed too. It was a really fun vibe at the HOB.

Fantastic energy all around. I think the RX Bandits fans are a cool group. It was RX’s hometown show so, the majority of the crowd was their for them. Even with that being the case everyone seemed very excited and open to hear dredg and see what they were about.

It was really fun seeing the band play some of the more interesting songs off El Cielo that show Gavin utilizing some fun creative ways to add effects to his voice. He didn’t bring out the trumpet but, it was still fun to watch.

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dredg Interview

I conducted an interview with Gavin and Marc of dredg for

It was my first attempt at doing anything like this.

Here’s the rough edit. Enjoy.