Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Dear Hunter at the Knitting Factory LA

It was another great show from The Dear Hunter.  It was one of those performances that makes you a little bummed out they are opening up in an early slot and restricted to only thirty minutes of set time.  The set they played was pretty amazing. High energy, a lot of on stage fun, and a decent mix of songs to give the audience an idea of what they do.

The Knitting Factory did good with the lighting and sound for them too.  Everything went well from a production point of view for them.  The audience had a real good reaction to their set too. Everything seemed to fall into place for them during their set.

It was exciting hearing the audience’s reaction to Casey announcing the band will be back with Thrice.  An enthusiastic roar was their reply to the news and those coming will be glad to know they can expect more songs during that tour from The Dear Hunter.  I can’t wait. =)

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