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I got my first magazine cover!

LA Kings cover feature in Fourth Period Magazine. ©2009 Gary Livingston

LA Kings cover feature in Fourth Period Magazine. ©2009 Gary Livingston

Here’s a fun little clip from the shoot:

After nine years as a freelance photographer and working with many different clients I have my images on a magazine cover for the first time.

It was well worth the wait considering I got to photograph my home team, the LA Kings. Not just my home team but, really inspirational guys that have faced adversity and doubt for most of their careers with the LA Kings.

This season is different. They found their confidence and have been in a playoff sport all season long. They always learn from their mistakes and come back stronger because of it. They make it easy to be an LA Kings fan for the first time in a decade. They make it even more fun than easy.

It was a the most difficult and stressful shoot of my career and it didn’t go close to what I expected when I first got asked to do it.

But, I learned a lot and have a lot of good things to build on. I can’t wait to shoot them many more times in the seasons to come.

I hope to shoot many more players for The Fourth Period Magazine too. They were a joy to work with and very patient and supportive.

Be sure to pick up the magazine on January 11th! It’s a great article by my new friend, Dennis Berstein.

Support the magazine! They’re new and deserve the readers. It’s a great organization.

More about the magazine can be found on the LA Kings website! Just click the image!

Thank you to Max Cohen, Dennis Berstein, and David Pagnotta for giving me this opportunity.

Thanks to Paul Mocey-Hanton for assisting me too! You can see that stud in the video. =)