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311 Day 2010

311 Day photos first!

For those that don’t know, 311 Day is a celebration in honor of 311 and their fans that lasts a few days and climaxes with a super concert lasting five hours and includes up to 60 songs.

This year was my first experience going to a 311 Day. I have been a long time fan of the band and they have been one of my biggest supporters of my photography.

Leading up to 311 Day one of their managers, Peter Raspler, was in contact with me requesting photographs. I wasn’t sure of their exact application but, I was very pleased to see the execution of their use within the context of 311 Day.

First, the images were used in slide shows decorating the walls of the club during the Fan Party. It was awesome seeing my photos along with the great work of many other photographers being displayed.

The other key appearance of my photographs was in a fantastic booklet they put together reflecting on the last ten years of 311’s history, since 311 Day started. I have a few images that are featured on a page alone and it feels great to see them showcased, again, with many other fantastic photographer’s work.

The actual experience of 311 Day was refreshing and inspiring. The band was very loose and just focused on having fun.

The familiar 311 formula went out the window and the show was full of jam sessions and honest interaction between the band members that I don’t recall seeing before.

It was one of the biggest 311 concerts I have attended but, it felt like one of the most intimate.

I can only hope the summer tours follow in the foot steps of this show in terms of relaxing and putting their own fun in front of being some sort of pre-conceived form of perfect that requires a formula be followed.

Man, it was such a great time! I had a blast with my friends and making new ones.



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