Monthly Archives: August 2010

I got one of my photos onto a billboard for the first time!

Nick Hexum Billboard ©Gary Livingston

I found out recently that a photo of mine was used to create a billboard. It’s one of my images of Nick Hexum of 311. Originally, the photograph was sent to 311’s management a few months ago to be made into a flier for a concert with Nick Hexum performing as a solo act.

It would seem that the concert and the flier were both big hits so the promoter decided to book another concert and upgrade the photograph to a billboard.

It is pretty amazing seeing one of my photographs overlooking the freeway. More so because I was able to spot the picture from half a mile away =)

Nick Hexum Billboard ©Gary Livingston

Nick Hexum Billboard ©Gary Livingston

Hopefully, this is the first of many billboards featuring my photographs. I had a blast going on an adventure with my girlfriend and amazing animator/illustrator, Lindsey, to find the location of the billboard. Credit the photograph of me to her. ^_^

Big time thanks to 311 and 311’s management for being so supportive of me. I’m looking forward to the fall tour. Be sure to check out what they are up to at