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Timing Doesn’t Seem To Be On My Side

I am just observing my life and noting a terrible sequence of events that could not have been more expertly planned by the most evil of villains in a revenge flick. I mean, reflecting on the shit is how you build character.

I just heard back from my doctor about further results regarding me losing my mind. It turns out I have an antibody in my digestive tract that is destroying my intrinsic factor. Without intrinsic factor I can not absorb vitamin B12 by digesting it. This is officially known as Pernicious Anemia.

It turns out that this was a by product of having surgery to remove my insulinoma (tumor on my pancreas) in 2008. It is a little frustrating to think about how much that damn tumor has ruined my life. On two separate occasions, no less.

The body naturally stores up a supply of vitamin B12 during your lifetime so you have some in the case of an emergency. You only get vitamin B12 from eating it. It’s a bacteria that is present in other animals you eat. A person has a reserve that lasts between six months to a year. This is the kicker to me because, after the surgery something happened to cause the Pernicious Anemia. But, I had no idea of it until I was ruining things in my life again and losing my mind again. I went about a year feeling amazing and in control of everything for the first time in years after dealing with the tumor.

I can not stress enough how good things were going for me after recovering for surgery. I was working super hard on my photography, my Chip Knight project, A.Refuge was being built out again, and I was in a wonderful relationship with the greatest girl. I was beginning to feel ok with how bad things got derailed from the tumor and as though I was catching up to where I was supposed to be.

Then, my B12 reserves ran out and I started to lose my mind for the second time and I got to ruin everything again. It is fucked up. For some reason I got to experience everything being right where I wanted it just long enough to feel attached and safe before everything went to shit and once again faded away.

Ugh. I think the worst part about it all is how I wasn’t much better at dealing with it all the second time around. I guess that is where the whole post traumatic stress disorder theory still remains in play. I was able to recognize something was wrong and my mind was rotting away but, I was way too afraid to get help until things got incredibly bad.

Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with a third repeat of this shit. I honestly would rather lose my leg or arm than go through losing my mind again. I would rather deal with being limited in my physical movements and abilities than be unable to simply be me and live by my own code of conduct. That’s how horrible of an experience it is.

The doctor says I need to continue getting a shot once a month of vitamin B12 directly into my blood stream for the rest of my life. Everything is going to be ok though.

After five weeks of treatments I am already feeling a million times better. No more anxiety. No more paranoia. No more crying constantly. Most of the weird physical sensations have subsided (I think I have only gotten the strange numbness twice since the shots). The doctor says everything should be in tip top shape soon enough and stay that way as long as don’t miss a shot.

Hopefully, my timing sorts itself out now that this tumor has all its loose ends cleaned up.

Here’s to the future and putting all this character to use!

Let the rebuild begin. <3

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Game 6 : Sharks vs Kings 4.25.11


It was a super exciting game. Really tough battles and goals being traded all game. It ended up in overtime where the Kings let their inexperience be the end of them.

The Kings had a 5 minute power play to score as many goals as they could without allowing the Sharks to return to full strength. But, they just couldn’t score. Once the Sharks got back to full strength they turned the pressure back onto the Kings and exploited their nerves. Once again bad coverage led to a great feed to Joe Thornton and he scored in the sudden death overtime and eliminated the Kings from the NHL Playoffs.

The Kings did better than expected up against a very experienced and offensive team. Not to mention, the Kings were missing their top player, Anze Kopitar, and were playing with two players that just returned from long term injuries (Parse and Wiliams).

There is a lot to be proud of as a Kings fan. Next season should be very successful.

The Sharks did a great job in the series and lived up to their expectations. They have some really great fans (I’m sure lots of us down in So. Cal are friends with many of them) and I hope the Sharks can go far this year for them.

I’m pretty sure Kings fans and Sharks fans have far more in common than they would like to admit to during the series but, now that it is over we can all cheer on the Sharks and California hockey.

I want to thank everyone that shared space with me at the Staples Center, especially Noah, for sharing advice and being on puck watch for everyone along the glass.

Huge thank you to Dennis Bernstein and David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period Magazine for giving me the opportunity to cover the greatest sport on earth. Everyone, be sure to check out their magazine I shoot for, The Fourth Period

Time to shift back to music as a photographer. =) Until next season! Thanks for checking out my photography!

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I Am In The NHL’s Beard-A-Thon

My majestic playoff beard

Feel free to donate money in the form of a pledge for my beard or someone else!

Click the Link: Click Here

Funds go towards the LA Kings charity, The Kings Care Foundation.

More on the foundation:
The Los Angeles Kings are proud to be an integral part of the Los Angeles community, both on and off the ice. Kings community outreach is focused on enhancing educational, recreational and health-related programs for the youth of the Los Angeles area. Kings players and members of the Kings family, actively work with local youth organizations and community groups to increase awareness and raise funds to support the Kings community signature initiatives.

The Kings Care Foundation, the Los Angeles Kings award-winning children’s charity provides in-kind and monetary support for the Los Angeles community. Since it’s inception in 1996, the Foundation has contributed over $5 million to local charities supporting youth causes thanks to private donors and fundraising efforts which include the Los Angeles Kings Bud Light Golf Tournament, Kings Camp, Tip-A-King, Game-Night Silent Auctions and In-Arena Messages.

In August 2009, the Kings Care Foundation proudly announced a $500,000 commitment to the Blood Donor Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The largest donation ever made by the Foundation will serve to increase the much needed collection of life-saving blood for the most seriously ill and injured children at Children’s Hospital through the LA Kings Bloodmobile.

Go Kings Go! Go Charity Go! ^_^

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Game 4 : Sharks vs Kings


Another bummer of a game for LA Kings fans. It started out really good with some great defensive plays by the Kings and amazing saves by Quick. But, the second period was another collapse of team play and systems.

The Sharks showed their experience as they dismantled the Kings after star Drew Doughty lost composure and engaged Sharks instigator, Nichols, in a roughing match. Both got penalties and the Kings endured some hectic 4 on 4 hockey. Which led directly to the Sharks taking a 3-0 lead.

The Kings battled back in the third and got within one goal of tying the game before they once again lost sight of doing the simple things (like playing defense) and allowed the Sharks to finish off the game with six goals to the Kings three.

The Sharks now have a commanding 3-1 lead in the series. But, the Kings aren’t giving up yet. Top left winger Scott Parse is set to make his return to the line up after missing essentially the whole season. Lines are being shuffled. And, hopes still remain.

Stay tuned for Saturday’s game! Hopefully, the Kings win and I’ll be getting more photos on Monday at Game 6!

Be sure to check out the great magazine I shoot for, The Fourth Period

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Playoffs 2011: Sharks vs Kings Game 3


Wow. What a ridiculous game. When those commercials on TV say “History will be made” I never expected to be there for such a monumental moment. Especially, after the Kings destroyed the Sharks the game before.

On Tuesday night in Game 3, the LA Kings ended the first period with a 3-0 lead. Early in the second they made it 4-0. The entire building was in victory mode and beyond exuberant at the thought of their team taking a 2-1 lead in the best of seven series.

The LA Kings seemed to share this mentality and after that fourth goal everything went to hell for them.

The LA Kings allowed 5 goals against in the second period and capped things off with one more in overtime to hand the Sharks the game.

It was the most brutal loss I have ever witnessed. And, I was there for both LA Kings come backs against the Dallas Stars. However, those were in regular season and a loss is just a loss. This loss in the playoffs will help decide the Kings fate for the Stanley Cup.

I gotta give LA Kings fans a lot of credit. Throughout the entire night they stayed together and in the game. Loud as can be! Doing what they could to cheer on the Kings.

I hope the Kings find a way to not let this destroy their confidence. Game 4 will decide the winner of this series if you ask me. Even though a Kings win will only even up the series at 2-2 and a Sharks win will only give them a 3-1 lead.

Be sure to check out the great magazine I shoot for, The Fourth Period

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Anaheim Ducks vs LA Kings: Season Finale 4.9.11


It was a pretty heated and mean game to end the season. The winner of the game was given the opportunity to clinch the 4th seed in the Western Conference.

Unfortunately, for Kings fans, it was the Ducks that pulled it together and walked away with the win.

Even though the Kings could not put the puck into the net more than once, they generated 44 shots on goal and some excitement.

Both Kings big scrappers, Westgarh and Clifford, ended the season with some big time fights. Clifford’s face exploded during his bout but, he wouldn’t go down. In a surprise turn of events Richardson got future hall of famer, Teemu Selanne, to drop his gloves for the first time in his 18 year career.

Now that the season is over the everything starts fresh. Previous records mean nothing. The Anaheim Ducks will be playing the the Nashville Predators while the LA Kings are taking on the San Jose Sharks!

Even my future shooting games is up in the air. With the high demand for credentials from local press it is uncertain whether or not the Fourth Period will rank high enough on the totem pole to be granted access to shoot.

In the meantime, since I am off the clock, I will be growing my playoff beard and talking shit to every San Jose fan I come across ;)

Stay tuned!

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Phoenix Coyotes vs LA Kings 4.6.11


The LA Kings clinched a playoff spot with their shoot out win on Wednesday night!

Stoll and Quick are unstoppable in shoot outs by the way. Stoll has only missed one shot he has taken while Quick has not lost a game that has gone to shoot outs this season!

It was such a nail biter of a game! If the Coyotes won it would have been them clinching the playoff spot!

I think one of my favorite moments of the game was seeing Kyle Clifford get the first star of the game. I believe it is the first time he has received it. He certainly deserved it for his hard work.

Be sure to check out the magazine I shoot for: The Fourth Period

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Infantree at Calabassas Rec. Center


Our friend Mike O’Connor put together a charity event to raise money for the Japan relief effort. Infantree headlined the show and played an awesome set.

They have improved exponentially since I last saw them live. Their live show exceeds the recorded music now. It is no surprise as to why they are playing on Conan O’Brien Tuesday April 5th. They really worked very hard to reach a very high level of musicianship and song writing. Be sure to watch them!

At the end of the night the event raised $1500 =) I also made off with a great Will Thoren photographic print via auction. That’s the black and white photo you see my brother, Blake, holding behind me in one of the photos below.

It was a really great time! I can’t wait to see more Infantree shows!

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Dallas Stars vs LA Kings 4.2.11


It was a great team win for the LA Kings against the Dallas Stars on Saturday.

The Kings got a few lucky bounces but, they definitely worked very hard and influenced those bounces going their way.

It was a fun and chippy game. The refs really let things go in terms of physical antics with the only penalties being match roughing penalties to Ribiero and Richardson.

it was interesting watching the LA mascot, Bailey, interact with Lehtonen. He seemed to have a real effect over the goalie.

You’ll see some photos of Bailey holding up swimsuit photos to Lehtonen. Lehtonen was laughing and seemed to lose focus just enough because that’s when Matt Greene scored his goal against Dallas. haha.

Playoffs are coming up fast and it is so exciting!

Be sure to check out the magazine I shoot for: The Fourth Period

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