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Andrew W.K. at Echoplex 5.10.11


I got to check out Andrew W.K. this Tuesday at the Echoplex. It was the rowdiest group of concert goers I have encountered in a long time. And, it made for a really fun night even with a few set backs.

Andrew W.K. performed solo and while one would expect a show to lack energy at the sight of a lone keyboard on stage, energy was one thing not missing from the show.

The venue has a small photo pit in front of the stage. When I say small, I mean there is not enough room to freely walk in front of the stage. You must climb above or crawl under stage lights in front of the stage pressed against the barrier. But, it was nice to have even that much space between stage diving/crowd surfing fans and myself. It was a welcomed difference from the Roxy.

There was no short supply of fans cycling through the crowd and onto the stage and back into the crowd. Andrew was really happy to have them join him and sing along.

While shooting Andrew’s set something went wrong with my camera (what’s new?). This time there is something wrong with the batteries or more likely, the system chip that recognizes the batteries are connected. No more than one song in I was only able to fire off a single frame before the camera error would appear and I was forced to take out the batteries and reset the camera. I ended up getting really frustrated and trying all kinds of combinations with my batteries and external grip/battery pack. Nothing fixed it.

I lost a lot of time for shooting trying to fix my camera and when I finally moved to a good spot to get some long lens shots the show was already over.

It was Andrew W.K.’s birthday as well. Which added some extra elements to the night. Among them a great looking cake in the shape of A.W.K.’s face. I think the fact of it being his birthday may have hastened the set reaching its end.

It was a very fun performance but, a bit disappointing. Andrew was on stage for only 30 minutes (and that is being very generous). I was expecting more for sure. I have no idea if he came back out. It did not seem as though he was going to. No announcement was made and I didn’t leave for 15 minutes after he left the stage and most of the venue was empty.

It was very confusing though. The DJ kept spinning and the lights stayed down. Even other fans were confused and hesitant to leave.

All in all, it was a great time and the place truly did party hard. Note a kind fan holding up a pair of lost shoes in hopes of reuniting them with their owner. These shoes were only one of many items exploded from their counterpart during the show.

I can’t wait to party hard again. =)

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Ancestors at Bootleg Theater 5.8.11


I went and saw Ancestors play at the Bootleg Theater on Sunday the 8th. It was a pretty fun time. Even though three of my friends bailed on coming out after saying they would.

Ancestors is a sweet heavy band. I don’t know genres too well but I think they classify as droney stoner metal. haha. They played a fun set with a mix of instrumentals and vocal songs. There was one person in particular that was entirely consumed by the music. In fact, you’ll see a few images of him slithering around on the stage. haha. It added an extra element of entertainment to the show.

And, yes, the venue was that naturally orange. >_< The band is about to release a 3 song EP in June. After that they'll be in the studio working on a new full length. Be sure to check them out!

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Dredg at the Roxy 5.4.11


Show was one of the best of theirs I have seen in a long time. The set list was so good! Bonus fun was had when Gavin busted out the trumpet and used it to alter his vocals (Like in the old days. I haven’t seen him do that in a couple tours. I love it!).

The new material from Chuckles and Mr. Squeeky was really good live as well. Again, Dredg has evolved their sound with the new songs. It feels more like classic Dredg in how my brain needs time to adjust to the song elements before settling in for a fantastic ride.

Go pick up the new album and catch them out on tour! =)

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The Dear Hunter at The Roxy, LA. 5.4.11


What a fantastic show! The Dear Hunter is touring with a new line up and it was one of the most energetic shows I have seen them perform. The set list certainly set things up to be energetic as well!

They played the song off the Black EP that Casey put up on the official site. It translated so well live! I can’t wait for them to come back on their headlining tour!

Be sure to get the Color Spectrum albums when they come out in June!

Ah! Such a great show!!!

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New Faces: Merrie, Jason, Casey

Merrie Swain is awesome! She saw my photos and wanted to be a part of my Faces project. She’s does some modeling and works over at G4 TV. She was a blast to photograph and talk to. Cool ass nerd =)

My brother, Jason with his awe inspiring beard. Holy shit. Casey’s below is longer I think but, Jason’s is just burly as can be. He’s currently working for AEG Live in New Orleans as a freelance Stage Producer and 3D camera man. Once he gets a reel together I’ll be sure to share. I really just rushed him into my room before he left for four weeks so I could get his beard recorded if he decided to shave while gone. haha.

Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter. In case you somehow missed my admiration for him and his work feel free to search The Dear Hunter on my site. He is currently touring with Dredg (another music group I love) and gearing up to release his Color Spectrum Project (the music is fantastic~!).

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