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The Hunt Club at Three Clubs in Hollywood, Ca 7.20.11


This past Wednesday night I went out with some friends to catch our good buddies’ new band, The Hunt Club. The songs are written by Jaco Caraco and Cass Dillon and featured Jacob Fatoorechi and Sean Winchester as support. They are all really incredible musicians and are often playing in the studio and on tour with big names like Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and Everclear.

It’s always a treat to see something one of these guys are creating for themselves instead of for someone else. They always put on a fantastic show with anyone they play with but, seeing something they are doing personally brings a different vibe to the performance that you can connect with easier. You just know what they are doing means the world to them and you want to support that.

For one of their first times out the show was really fun and energetic. The songs were all solid and I am excited to see how this project develops. Keep your ears/eyes out for The Hunt Club. =)

It was really wonderful to catch up with some old friends too. I’m specifically speaking to James and John on this. ^_^

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The Dear Hunter – In Studio Making The Yellow EP

Here is some more teaser footage. This time shot in Casey’s home studio in Southern California. For this EP a great group of musicians in a band, called Naive Thieves, joined in.

You can check out Naive Thieves here:

Remember to purchase The Dear Hunter’s “The Color Spectrum” =)

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The Dear Hunter – Making of The Orange EP

Here is a teaser video of some travel footage and in studio footage from the documentary I filmed of The Dear Hunter making “The Color Spectrum” project.

Remember to purchase The Dear Hunter’s “The Color Spectrum.” It’s out now! =)

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