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Ami Face!

Ami Storck! ©2011 Gary Livingston

My friend, producer, Ami Storck! =) Ugh, this is a long time coming. Went on a few too many vacations after shooting her photo! I’m excited to get this up finally!

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Infantree at the Satellite, Silver Lake, Ca


Infantree played a free show Monday August 9th opening up for Whispering Pines (look them up,their drummer is rad).

It was a fun friend affair. I headed out with my brother, Blake, photographer/cinematographer, Paul Mocey-Hanton, and “Steech” Steve Davis. It was a blast just hanging out before the show and would have been a great night no matter what. But, it turned out to be an amazing night.

Infantree played the best show I’ve ever seen them put on. Not only was it their best but I think it is in my top 25 list of concerts. When you are like me and you have seen well over 500 concerts with many bands performing at each concert that really counts for something.

The band put on a performance that kept the energy flowing. Almost all the songs they played were re-crafted in a manner to allow them to seamlessly transition into the next one without stopping.

They also seemed to be jamming a bit more than I had seen before. It was fantastic!

They play pretty often around LA and are slowly touring more and more so be sure to keep your eye out for them. =)

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I’m going to start shooting head shots now that a couple friends have asked me about it.

*CLICK FOR FULL SIZE* Head Shots by Gary Livingston © Gary Livingston

*CLICK FOR FULL SIZE* Head Shots by Gary Livingston © Gary Livingston

Like the title says I am now offering my services to those needing head shots. It is kinda silly I have not marketed myself in this way before. I feel like I’m wasting the opportunity living in LA offers in that vein. haha.

Here is a promo I made up advertising basic packages and starting pricing. Email me if you need some new head shots.

Ask about the Reddit/Namesake/Start-up deals! Two for ones and big price breaks (up to 50% off) when booking two or more colleagues/friends together!

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