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Radical Face 10.11.2011


I spent Tuesday night with my friend Marc seeing a great musician called Radical Face that he introduced me to a few years ago.

Radical Face is a project by Ben Cooper. He played with two great musicians (**Update** I’m told they are Jackie Stranger and Jeremiah Johnson) and the Easterly Singers (a choir). The two musicians were great. They jumped around instruments throughout the show for brief moments and made it interesting.

It was also my first time at the Bootleg Theater’s main room. The front room is a total shit dive bar atmosphere. It is where I saw and photographed Ancestors. It completely sucks ass. But, the main room was really intimate and well lit and a great vibe!

The sound was a little harsh on the treble but, pretty good overall!

The energy and interaction was really fun. Ben was really good at talking to the crowd in-between songs and being honest about his potential mistakes. The drummer was really charming to watch. He even did some amazing yo-yo tricks while some gear was on the fritz!

Radical Face is making a few more stops with choirs from the city they are visiting. Be sure to check it out the show if you can!

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Dark Angels featuring Omar Rodriguez-Lopez at The Del Monte Speakeasy

I got a call this evening from my brother, Jason, at about 8pm that Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, & countless other great projects) was playing a free show with Dark Angels tonight at 10pm. A good friend of my brother’s, Chad Marshall, tipped him off and he passed the info to me. Thanks, Chad and Jason!!!

Being that I now live in Santa Monica I could not pass up the opportunity to watch Omar play and be exposed to a new band I have not heard before. Especially, since it was down the street at The Del Monte Speakeasy in the basement of the Townhouse in Venice.

It turned out that Omar was playing along with Darks Angels on a few songs. Rather than Omar playing his own set. Either way, it was exciting and totally worth dropping everything to attend.

Comprised of two members not counting Omar’s sometimes involvment, Dark Angels features Nicci Kasper on keyboards, percussion, effects, samples, production and Deantoni Parks on drums, keyboards, percussion, effects, samples, production.

A reader just pointed out that Deantoni Parks is a member of the Mars Volta and also performs with the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group. Shows you all how in touch I am with the current music scene. haha. Thanks, Boyd.

Dark Angels is not typically what I spend my time listening to or going to see live. It is very electronic heavy music. However, it is very organic in how they build their soundscapes. It was really a blast witnessing them. I highly recommend making it out to a show and exploring their music.

Be sure to check them out:

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Frozen Fury XIV Oct. 1, 2011 at the MGM in Las Vegas, NV


I attended my first Frozen Fury. It is an annual pre-season game between the Colorado Avalanche and the LA Kings. The event leads to the MGM being over run by hockey fans…mostly comprised of LA Kings fans to be exact.

It was a really fantastic experience. A lot of fun ripping between the Kings fans and anyone wearing a jersey not supporting the kingdom.

Leading up to the game a lot of players, executives, and hockey organization staff can be seen interacting with fans around Las Vegas. Bailey, the Kings’ mascot, was making his rounds as well. At one point in the day my brother and I were playing black jack one table over from where Rob Blake was being dealt in alongside fans.

The game itself was fun. It wasn’t the most exciting one I have seen. The Kings were a bit flat and seemed to not have as much heart in the affair as the Avalanche. The Kings lost to the Avalanche 1 to 4. Duchene put on a good show!

The arena was rather cozy compared to Staples Center. It had a more intimate feel due to the size and the lighting. The lights were more patchy and uneven. It felt like a high school or college venue. The fans were all hard core and excited to see some hockey. It wasn’t like home in LA where a good number of people are just there because it is becoming popular and they have season tickets due to friends or business. Everyone seemed to be very much in the know about the sport and the teams. It had a great feeling of nostalgia associated with all these elements working together.

It was great to go with my brother and it made the trip worth the drive. I hope to attend next year and bring a huge group of friends and family along with us.

Welcome back, hockey. Summer lasted too long. <3

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