Monthly Archives: December 2011

Dustin Brown of the LA Kings !

I did a photo shoot for magazine today. It is the same publication I cover all the LA Kings games for. In essence I am always doing a photo shoot for them if you count those. But, today was a little different. I got to take portraits today!

The main assignments was to photograph Dustin and Nicole Brown with their family. They have three incredible boys. Only two of them were a part of the shoot because the youngest was in serious nap mode and not to be disturbed. The two that were a part of the activities were some of the coolest kids I have been around.

Honestly, if I had a guarantee that every family was as fun and easy to work with as the Browns I would be shooting family portraiture for a living.

I don’t have any of those photos to share right now. I still need to work on them and get them off to my awesome editors. In the meantime I do have a solo portrait of Dustin to share.

He was kind enough to fulfill my request to do this just as he was leaving. It was literally a five minute shoot including setup and light testing. I honestly wish there was more time so I could have lit him properly and designed an actual lighting pattern on his face. Despite that one element missing I am still really excited to show this image.

Hopefully, you dig it too!

Thanks to Paul Mocey-Hanton for assisting me and helping the shoot go smoothly, thanks to Dennis, Anthony, and David at The Fourth Period for making this happen, thanks to Dustin and Nicole and the rest of the Brown family for being amazing to photograph!

Now, go check out the magazine! I have nine photos in the current issue! <3