mewithoutYou at Pomona

mewithoutYou is a pretty intense live show. The singer’s mix of singing, screaming, and spoken word delivery is quite a sight when you see it coming out of a frail man. It is nothing like you would imagine the voice to originate.

Mix that with masterful drumming that leads you on marches through the varied landscapes available to the imagination and you have quite a recipe for excitement.

The only downside to it all is the toll the music and lyrics seem to take in long doses on the mind.

The first thirty minutes are delightful. It is only after that point it feels a bit draining and your attention begins to flounder about, searching the room for a means to take a break from it all.

But, that is the only downside.

The band seem like a group of time travelers that were on vacation with their parents only to get lost in the 1700s for the duration of their childhood and then were catapulted into our present day time.

It is really fun to watch them all on stage and give us all a glimpse at something so different from what one would expect.

They are charming and energetic. Most of all fun.

mewithoutYou is certainly worth checking out. Just be prepared to take a break at the bar or the merch booths to give your brain a quick rest.

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