Of Verona at The Henry Fonda “Music Box”

On Monday night I spent time with some more great old friends that I don’t see nearly enough. Myke Armstrong, Marc Halperin, Paul Mocey-Hanton, Steve Davis, Blake (brother), Ami Storck, Sam Marie, Bonnie Hussey and I all met up to go see our A-Plus-Number-One friend, Jacob Fatoorechi, play a special show with the band Of Verona. He is their lead guitarist and it was my first time seeing them.

If you look around my blog you will find Jacob a few times in other bands. He’s a super talented guy and lends his talents to various bands. I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into the show. But, Of Verona was opening up for Moby so I assumed it was going to be good. Keep your eye out for some Moby photos in this bunch. haha.

I definitely did not make an ass out of myself or anyone else. They were great! Really moody alternative rock with an awesome female singer.

Jacob of course was as fun and rockin on stage as ever. ^_^

Just as impressive as the live show, the band is not currently signed but managed to get MTV to do a feature on them for some new show that is taking over TRL.

Arcade Fire wins the Grammy for Best Album and apparently even MTV realizes indie bands are safe to give air time to. haha.

Our other friend, Cam Tang, was randomly DJing the first half of the night too. Such a fun night! He’s the DJ in the photos. =)

Go check Of Verona out when you get bored: Of Verona

Heaps more photos if you click “Continue reading »”

Photo time

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