New Faces: Sam and Ryan

Just finished up Sam Marie’s Face =)

She is an awesome animator! If you ever need some animation done or if you are looking to add to your team be sure to contact her!

Ami Storck (I’ll get her up soon enough) and Sam are new friends of mine. They both really surprised me with how supportive they are due to their willingness and excitement to come out to my hockey games to cheer and get rowdy after only knowing me for a couple weeks and hanging out maybe twice. Means heaps!

Sam rules and was a blast to take photos of. One day I’ll get some of the more cartoonish faces up. I just really liked this shot so it is the first to make it. =)

Ok. Here is my buddy, Ryan Brekke.

Ryan has been the most interesting shoot yet. Not only was he all over the map with poses but, we got talking and sharing some really random stuff during the shoot.

At one point Ryan mentioned how some of our friends and he were discussing clever and funny porno site names. I mentioned a few funny ones that exist, including

Next thing we know we are loading it up while shooting because Ryan had never seen it before. haha. When I have more time I will add a good one of Ryan showing his face the first time he saw MeatSpin. haha.

Apparently, Ryan was so taken back by the experience he insisted that I always show my subjects MeatSpin at some point during the shoot to capture some really good faces and break the ice. haha. I think he might be onto something!

Once Ryan has a site I’ll throw it up!

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