New Faces: Merrie, Jason, Casey

Merrie Swain is awesome! She saw my photos and wanted to be a part of my Faces project. She’s does some modeling and works over at G4 TV. She was a blast to photograph and talk to. Cool ass nerd =)

My brother, Jason with his awe inspiring beard. Holy shit. Casey’s below is longer I think but, Jason’s is just burly as can be. He’s currently working for AEG Live in New Orleans as a freelance Stage Producer and 3D camera man. Once he gets a reel together I’ll be sure to share. I really just rushed him into my room before he left for four weeks so I could get his beard recorded if he decided to shave while gone. haha.

Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter. In case you somehow missed my admiration for him and his work feel free to search The Dear Hunter on my site. He is currently touring with Dredg (another music group I love) and gearing up to release his Color Spectrum Project (the music is fantastic~!).

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