These Arms Are Snakes released “Tail Swallower and Dove” yesterday

Right now is a great time to check them out if you do not know who they are. They are currently in my list of favorite bands. Their last album was a masterpiece of suspense.

The entire album attacked you on a subconscious level and brought about feelings of anxiety and suspense as you listened to it. Every build up brought you to the edge and right when you expected an explosive climax they delivered a break in the music to leave you hanging. That CD, “Easter”, did not leave my car since Randy Strohmeyer sent it to me two+ years ago. Until I got “Tail Swallower and Dove” that is.

“Tail Swallower and Dove” is just as much of a mental barrage as “Easter” but with a stronger sense of melody. It seems as though the songs are a bit more finished than on the last album. The production is great and the songs really hold their own. But, the thing I love about this band is how as noisy as the songs are they really do compliment one another and form a body of work. They seem to be very keen on putting out true albums rather than some singles and filler. Even as weak as a song may seem it still contributes well to the album as a whole.

Be sure to pick up one of their albums and if you see them in concert stand back. It may be hard to stay away from them once they start but, you’ll thank me when you aren’t the one getting head butted or drooled on. haha. I know that sounds band. They really are sweet guys.

Steve Snere leading the band and room through an anxiety attack. Santa Barbara, Ca. Image © 2008 Gary Livingston

Steve Snere leading the band and room through an anxiety attack. Santa Barbara, Ca. Image © 2008 Gary Livingston

These Arms Are Snakes: These Arms Are Snakes

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  1. Posted October 8, 2008 at 2:32 am by Clint. | Permalink

    they were incredible last night, by the way.
    bayles was there

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