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Opeth at the Avalon

Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth

Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth

A friend of mine has been pushing the awesomeness of Opeth for some time now. I decided to go check them out as they passed through LA.

I only had a photo pass for the show. No ticket. In the few cases I have experienced only getting a photo pass it has given me access to entering the venue. But, not this time.

I was forced to sit outside the venue in between sets. Being escorted (very unorganized due to the media rep not showing up to the concert) to the photo pit for the first three songs of each band. As soon as the first three songs ended I was escorted back outside.

I did have the company of a few ushers. The one name I remember is Fred. That dude is solid. SHOUT OUT TO YA, FRED! haha.

You should understand that I was only present for the three songs before you read more because that is all of Opeth’s show I got to experience. My opinion is a bit biased at this point. I’m still going to share it.

The music Opeth creates is pretty amazing. It’s huge soundscapes built around metal. There is a lot going on and a lot of sound creating really rich atmospheres.

The downside of being so technically proficient is sometimes being a bit stationary on stage. Opeth was very stationary on stage. This isn’t always a problem and, like Rudy of Protest the Hero joked about, you can fake being energetic on stage with the help of lighting.

Opeth had no help though. The lighting was absolutely terrible. There was barely an edge light on Mikael in the center of the stage. The rest of the band was blanketed in darkness. And, there was only a few moments during the three songs where yellow flood lights would flash and light up everything from behind.

If the lighting matched the dynamics of what Opeth’s music is the show would have been a whole other experience. Instead, it was a pretty boring three songs that didn’t really require keeping my eyes open to enjoy the concert more than I would enjoy listening to their albums. They did sound great.

They sounded really, really, really great!

But, holy shit, I enjoy their albums. Hopefully, when they come back to the states from their home base in Sweden they have a new lighting technician.

Again, I was only able to get three songs to form an opinion. I caught some good energy being exchanged between the band and the audience. I wish I could have stayed longer to get a real taste of that.

Martin Mendez

Martin Mendez

The actual band’s crew was well organized and their tour manager and the band were really good people and helped me out with a favor before the show. If any of them find their way here, thank you.

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