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The Dear Hunter in San Luis Obispo

This show was fantastic. The vibe of the city, the people, the town scenery, and everything else was so much fun.

I drove up from LA and met up with my friends Jeffrey Lynn-Johnston (great musician, look him up) and Zach Wyckoff (aRefuge.com partner). It was their first time seeing the band. They were both excited.

Jeff had to buy a ticket and lucked out finding a kid selling it for under face value (even though there was a substantial line and need for tickets, haha). Shortly after Jeff got his ticket Zach met up with us and after a little delay getting my name +1 on the list we were inside.

The Downtown Brewery was a cool venue. It was really intimate, good sound for its size, and it of course had good beer.

The Dear Hunter played a great show. The whole crowd seemed to enjoy it very much and many were disappointed (yet again) that the band had to stop playing.

It was another night where it seems like the fans waiting for mewithoutYou were caught off guard by the energy and musical craftsmanship The Dear Hunter brings to the stage.

It was good to see the band members mingling with the crowd the rest of the night. It is one of those important traits more bands need to possess. They are all really cool guys to talk to and welcoming of conversations. It really complimented the night.

Casey and I had a good chat too. I know that guy is a friend of mine but, sometimes it takes a little something to realize just how good of a friend. He mentioned something I said to him years and years ago about making music and it caught me off guard he would remember. The dude is solid and I really hope we get to work together in the future and make some creative stuff together.

Honestly, I feel so compelled to do so because the guy inspires me so much. I just want to do what I can to make his art known around the world. I’m sure we can make that happen together.

Zach and Jeff had a blast and were just as bummed to see such a short set from the band. They had a lot of fun after the show partaking in the meet and greet too. haha.

It was a great day. I threw in some pics from around SLO. Enjoy the photos.

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mewithoutYou in SLO

It was pretty much the same thing as Pomona except, the crowd, city, and surroundings seemed to be much more fitting for mewithoutYou.

The crowd was a bit more interactive with the band in SLO and a few even brought their own tambourines to join in with the band during songs.

It was a really cool vibe and another fun show. =)

^_^ enjoy

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